Ford Killing It at the Shanghai Auto Show

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With the Auto Show season in full effect, there’s no stopping the countless new product launches all over the world. However, one Auto Show that isn’t getting that much attention is the Shanghai Auto Show in China where Ford is absolutely killing it.

New Ford Explorer

Today, Ford not only showed off normal things like a Explorer, Focus, Taurus, and Edge, but also made the debuts of the Focus RS, Focus ST, and Ford GT.

It marks a major push by automakers into the country auto marketplace. While the normal everyday cars will do just fine in China, Ford is definitely looking at the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes when it comes to performance oriented cars for China.

With that, the new Focus RS and Ford GT will both be offered within the country for the first time ever. However, what’s not yet to be seen is whether or not China will finally be able to bring out a good car of its own. Rather than just copying everyone else. Only time will tell.


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