‘Ford-ish’ Rat Rod Semi Hauler is Diesel-powered Coolness

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The Big Hooker Ford-ish rat rod

Unique creation started as a ’51 pickup & now competes in tractor pulls.

Sometimes when you come up with a good idea, you just have to go for it. That’s exactly what Brandon Kibbee did with this wild diesel build that he lovingly calls “The Big Hooker.” Named as such, because Kibbee is the owner-operator at Kibbee’s Reapir and Towing. If you ask him what it is, he’ll say it’s a “Ford-ish” truck, only because there’s part of a 1951 pickup on there, but the rest is all a mix and match of parts. A “Pile of pares that I threw together to have fun with,” says Kibbee. Clearly, this guy is our kind of Ford truck enthusiast.

The Big Hooker Ford-ish rat rod

To fit the whole family in (yes, really) it has a ’51 cab welded to a ’49 cab in the back to make a cew cab and is fully legal to drive on the street. But you’d better bet it’s an intimidating rig when it pulls up behind you at a red light. Not only is it enormous, but the comically over-sized hook at the rear only adds to the outrageous aspect of the build. It’s big on size, but also on decibel levels, too. With an exposed engine, you get a lot of diesel clatter, and the clinking of tail pipe flappers just to add a bit of noise to the occasion.


Burnout at Atwood Early Rod Run

Posted by Thebighooker on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ragged could describe the looks, but certainly not the build. It functions as a tractor pull rig as well, and has the power to back it up. A Detroit Diesel 8v92 was positioned up front, and through some work and tinkering, makes 600 hp and about 2800 lb/ft of torque. Sure it can pull tractors, but it can also do some incredible burnouts, with more than a few videos posted on the truck’s own Facebook page. We can’t figure out if the truck or if Kibbee himself is happier with the smoke show.

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