Ford SUVs Can Now See Around Corners!

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Some of you on this forum feel the new F-150, which, as of the 2016 model year, is available with up to five cameras that help it activate its automatic high beams, stay in its lane, and steer a trailer, has too much technology.

Other vehicles in the Blue Oval portfolio have their fair share of it, too. For instance, Ford introduced something called “split view” on the 2015 Edge and 2016 Explorer. It’s a feature that transmits real-time 180-degree video feeds from grille- and tailgate-mounted one-megapixel cameras with wide-angle lenses to a a tri-panel display within an eight-inch screen. With the push of a button, a driver can see if something is approaching from either side or straight on. The split view system shuts off once the vehicle reaches 6.2 mph.

The forward-facing version of that technology is available on the new Edge; the front/rear setup is standard equipment on US 2016 Explorer Limiteds and Explorer Platinums, which will arrive in dealerships later this year.

Ford’s even thought of ways to keep the cameras clean. A telescopic jet washer cleans the front unit and the Explorer comes with a washer for the rear camera.


It’s not stopping there, though. The next generation of the Super Duty is getting closer and closer.

Earlier this week, Ram announced the 2016 version of its 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel is going to best the current Ford Power Stroke V8 in terms of both peak torque (900 lb.-ft.) and maximum towing capacity (31,210 pounds). While we still have to wait to see which engines the next Ford Super Dutys will get, we do know the trucks will be offered with plenty of cameras – as many as seven, to be exact – to help them stay within their lanes and see the things around them and the massive loads they’ll no doubt be pulling.

Ultimately, Ford “plans to make rear-view cameras standard on all of its North American light passenger vehicles by 2018 – and front cameras available on a majority of its vehicles globally by volume by 2020.”

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