Ford Introduces the New Focus RS with Help from Ken Block

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Focus RS

Ford Performance has been churning out performance models left and right over the last few months. This all really began though with the Focus and Fiesta STs becoming absolute hits among the enthusiast crowds. Now though, Ford is expanding that lineup.

Fords performance models include the Mustang GT350 and GT350R, the new Ford GT, the Raptor, and now the Focus RS. And it’s the Focus RS that Ford is detailing in the video below.

The Focus RS represents one of the biggest changes in American car buying. The hot hatch. Europe has been onto these cars for decades, yet we here in America are just getting turned onto them. Ford’s introduction of the Focus RS also comes at a time when Ken Block is one of the biggest action sports heroes out there, so it’s natural for the two to get together and hoon the new Focus RS.

This video details what to expect from the upcoming Focus RS, and what went into designing the new car. It’s only part one of a series of videos that Ford is dropping until the official launch of the Focus RS. And from the video, we can’t wait to get our hands on the little hot hatchback. It looks like an absolute riot.

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