Ford to Increase Hybrid Use, Including Upcoming F-150 Hybrid

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Ford F-150

Expect ‘greater chance’ of electrified powertrains at company, says retiring powertrain VP.

In a short interview with Automotive News, Ford’s retiring vice president of powertrain engineering said he expected electric powertrains will be more widespread at Ford.

Bob Fascetti, who implemented the EcoBoost engine in his tenure, explained crossover learning at the company. In the discussion, he said internal combustion engine designers were spending time learning and teaching with electric powertrain engineers.

That points toward widespread usage, as Fascetti said in the final interview answer: “If your job is to provide powertrains for vehicles, the longer you stay, the greater the chance that you’ll be working on electrified powertrains.”

F-150 Hybrid Concept

What does this mean for Ford Trucks? Almost two years ago, Ford announced plans to add 13 more hybrid vehicles to its lineup. That included aims at a hybrid F-150 by 2020.

Recently, Car and Driver reported that Ford has planned a $7 billion reinvestment from cars to SUVs and truck. The picture starts to add up that we can expect hybrid trucks sooner rather than later.

For years, the problem of scalability hampered not just the potential for pickup trucks but also for larger commercial vehicles. Simply put, the efficiency gains were not significant enough to justify the cost. However, rapid progression of electric powertrain technology has seen offerings for more mid- and full-size hybrid SUVs.

Hybrid pickups make the next logical step in that progression. We’re eager to see what kinds of efficiency and power gains a hybrid system can make on a pickup truck. We would expect them to be moderate at the beginning and likely absent from heavier-duty F-Series trucks. However, electrified powertrain advancements develop quickly.

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