Ford’s Hot Shot Express Is How Truck Parts Should Be Delivered in 2017

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Hot Shot

Having to wait hours to get your truck back from a service is a thing of the past for Ford owners.

For truck owners who aren’t mechanically inclined or don’t know an independent repair shop capable of fixing their vehicle, their only hope is to go to the dealership. Unfortunately, some dealerships don’t have a large stock of parts at hand, leaving owners with a busted car for a long period of time. Fortunately, Ford is spreading its way to get owners the parts their trucks need quicker.

The American automaker recently introduced a parts delivery system that is capable of providing dealerships authentic Ford parts within hours instead of days. Hot Shot express parts delivery – they could’ve come up with a better name – accepts high-volume orders and fulfills them within two hours, claims Ford. The parts that Hot Shot can deliver quickly include brakes, filters, and hoses. So don’t go into a dealership with major engine woes and expect to get a replacement within a few hours

Hot Shot

Ford’s Hot Shot service isn’t exactly new, as the program has been offered to some of its dealers since 2015. Since then, the number of involved dealerships has increased to 300 total, allowing more owners to get back onto the road quicker. The automaker also began offering Hot Shot Highway, another way to reduce waiting times by getting parts to dealers quicker, back in 2013.

According to Wholesale Operations manager, Ford Customer Service Division, Andrew Idler, a typical delivery system will have set routes with specific dealerships that need to be visited on each route. Unlike the usual delivery system that other dealerships use, which involves a truck filled with several orders that comes around once a week, Hot Shot deliveries will occur multiple times a day.

Hot Shot

“We typically run 20 to 30 Hot Shot deliveries per day and between 100 and 150 each week,” said Andrew Kochan, parts manager, Village Ford. “These delivers are going to 40 different customers including dealers and other independent shops… all are pleased with the service and many are amazed by our dedication to helping them better service their customers.”

Being able to get in and out of a dealership is a blessing and, if Ford’s Omnicraft parts which are available for non-Ford vehicles are available through the speedy delivery system, good for everyone!

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