Super Duty Breaks Guinness World Record by Being Most ‘Murican Truck Ever!

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Fresh off taking home Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award, the 2017 Super Duty didn’t exactly rest on its laurels. Ford is determined to show just how versatile its big rig actually is, including performing tasks that you would probably never consider using it for – like towing a 45′ x 92′ banner around a race track.

This wasn’t just a marketing stunt, as Ford set out to break the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Banner Pulled by a Moving Vehicle. Fittingly, they chose the greatest “banner” in existence  with which to eclipse the previous record – a ‘Murican flag!

Not only did Ford accomplish their goal of breaking the record, they demolished it. Technically, the banner had to be pulled for at least 100 meters without touching the ground. The Super Duty did a cool four laps around Miami Speedway’s 1.5 mile track. You know, just to prove a point.

The performance was good enough to best the previous record of 3,203 square feet, resetting the record books with a new measurement of 4,123.5 square feet. If that doesn’t make you want to grow a mullet and ride a bald eagle to work today, I don’t know what will.

Super Duty, the most ‘Murican truck money can buy.

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