GTs Head to Carlisle Ford Nationals This Summer

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After last year’s Mustang bonanza, the annual Ford Carlisle meet will highlight the company’s supercar heritage with a pack of Ford GTs from throughout the ages.

This year, the annual event is set to have hundreds of the Ford GT come down and be shown off to the public.


The event will include the Ford GTs built for racing during the 60’s, as well as some of the other prototypes, the reincarnated Ford GTs from the mid 2000’s, and mostly like the new Ford GT that just debuted in Detroit.

I know I still remember the first time I saw one of these amazing supercars in real life. They are absolutely breathtaking.


The annual event will also mark the starting point of a new TV special that’s set to air on Discovery Channel’s Velcoity. It’s set to be called Ford GT- An American Icon.

The event runs from June 5th-7th, and is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s time I hit it up this year?

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