Let’s Race! Watch the Latest Ford GT Video Series

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It’s not news, in fact, the Ford GT is over a year old now, and the online application process to become a potential owner has even closed.

There will be only 500 units ever produced of the new American supercar, but on the other hand, much of Ford’s hopes to become the endurance racing powerhouse they once were rely on the Ford GT racer headed to Le Mans in June.

The Ford Performance team has produced three excellent videos that take us through a journey that less than a year ago was completely top secret. This engaging documentary videos will take take you from concept to reality as the Ford GT prototype race car makes it out for testing for the first time ever, and up until its first on-race failure at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

Whether you’re a race fan or not, the Ford GT40 and now the new Ford GT represent a heck of a lot to the automotive and racing world, and these videos are definitely worth a watch!





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