Just Another Day in the Job of a Ford GT Test Driver

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Oh what it would be like to be an official development driver for the Ford Motor Company. While developing the Ford C-Max may have sucked, getting the chance to hop inside one of these olive green de-badged Ford GTs has got to be glorious.

The pictures you see here were posted by Randy Wyrick from VailDaily.com, and it shows not one, not two, but freaking three Ford GT test mules being pulled over by the Avon Sheriff’s office in Colorado. Even if the officers weren’t car fans, they must’ve figured out real quick they had pulled over something pretty special, right? There’s even a video by Jeremy Cliff (whom I think is actually working with Ford) of the test cars roaming scenic Colorado roads.


According to reports, these test mules were first spotted doing around 100 mph in a 50 mph zone by the Colorado State Patrol, who then radioed the message to the local Sheriff’s office, who actually pulled the test Ford GTs over. A spokesperson for the police department commented that all vehicles were outfitted with multiple computers and data-logging equipment, but did not comment on whether fines had been handed (contrary to other reports) or any other infraction procedures.

But seriously, what do you think of that matte olive green though?

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