Ford GT Spotted Again with Video!

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ford gt

I know that there are a lot of people out there that don’t know anything about cars, but come on, I think that seeing a Ford GT prototype mule should probably get a better description than, “was driving to work this morning, saw this car driving by” posted on Reddit.

We’ve already seen this mule out in the open a few times, but this is one of the first videos caught by the public of the new supercar. According to the YouTube account, DrScrancalous, they saw the supercar out an about around Detroit. While we’re still a few months away from seeing the production version of the Ford GT, this offers a tantalizing view of the new supercar, one that actually moves.

The new Ford GT will cost around $400,000 and develop over 700 horsepower. However, these two numbers aren’t yet set in stone. One interesting piece of detail we get with this video seems to be a lack of the rear hydraulic wing we saw in the Forza preview just a few weeks ago. Maybe Ford is still waiting to implement the design?

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