Ford GT Racecar Makes a Buzzy Teaser

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ford GT

A stark 49 seconds of the new Ford GT racecar. That’s all we get from Ford’s latest teaser of the new racecar. Set at the infamous Daytona track, the Ford GT looks absolutely planted as it’s put through its paces. The sounds it’s giving off are equally amazing. Like a swarm of angry, pissed off bumble bees that somehow mated with a pair of turbochargers. In other words, it sounds great.

The racecar is edging ever closer to its inaugural race debut next year, and this latest teaser just show how much the Ford engineers have already accomplished on the highly complex racecar. An interesting note though. If you scroll to 19 seconds, you get a shot of the racecar’s brakes, which aren’t carbon ceramic. Or at least they don’t look to be.

Hopefully we’ll have more information about the braking system as it becomes available. But the Ford GT racecar will debut next year and from there get ready to take on its ultimate goal. Tackling Le Mans. Who’s excited?

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