Ford GT Racecar Concept Imagined

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It’s been quite some time since we saw a Ford GT running at the most storied racetrack on the planet, but Ford’s now been eyeing a return to Le Mans with its newest supercar.

Last week, we showed you a behind the scenes video with Forza and Ford on the development of the new Ford GT.

In the video we caught a brief glimpse of what could possibly be a design sketch of the racecar version of the new car.

And while we haven’t received any confirmation that what we saw was indeed the race version of the new Ford GT, it looked like considerably different then the production road car.

In order to help visualize what a Ford GT racecar would look like, designer rc82 went to work. What they came up with is just absolutely gorgeous, and mirrors the pictures we saw from the video almost perfectly.

If this is anything like what the new Ford GT racecar will look like, Ford will definitely have my attention. What do you all think?

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