Ford GT Mule Spotted Again

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For months, people within the industry were talking about a rumor, a whisper, a glanced upon sketch that was deep in the bowls of the Ford Motor Company. It was about the new Ford GT. No one knew if these rumors were true or not, but those rumors would not die out. Then, at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford stunned the world when the company brought out a wholly new Ford GT.

The new supercar used a racecar engine, was made out of carbon fiber, and looked as if it could roll off the stage and into someone’s garage right then and there. However, due to the secrecy behind the project, Ford wasn’t able to test the car in real world situations. But since the new GT is now known the world over, Ford has been out there testing the car and putting it through its paces.

Spy photographers and car people alike have been spotting the Ford GT mule all over Michigan, with this latest spotting at a gas station near Ford’s headquarters. One particularly interesting picture was taken of the engine bay and the engine. Check out the photos below. Who can’t wait to hear this thing scream in anger when it finally comes out late next year?

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