Ford GT Only American Car Gaining Value Made This Millennium

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No matter which iteration we’re referring to, I think we all can admit that the Ford GT is a badass American supercar. It was designed to do one thing originally, and that was to beat Ferrari at racing. It did. For those purchasing the last generation of the car, they not only got a great car, but an appreciating asset. recently took a look at the last generation Ford GT and learned a lot. Yes, there was one recently that sold for $650,000 at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, but it turns out that most of the GTs sold sell for twice the amount that they were purchased for.

According to Forbes, it’s the only American car that’s appreciating in value that was produced after the year 2000. That’s a pretty impressive feat.


Will that be the case with the new car, set to debut next year? I don’t know. Ford GTs from last decade were purchasable from around $160,000. The new car is rumored to be as much as a Lamborghini Aventador; nearly $400,000. Really, the only question is, will the new Ford GT continue the tradition of beating Ferrari’s butt?

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