Ford Getting Fancy New Digs Over the Next 10 Years

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Dearborn Campus Transformation: Product Campus Village Road Entrance

The Ford Motor Company has been in Dearborn, Michigan for a long time. They’ve grown and expanded their campus along with the growth and expansion of the company. But growing in an ad-hoc way creates difficulties, especially when you are trying to transform your company from an automotive company to a technology and mobility company. So, Ford is making some changes.

Over the next 10 years, Ford will be working on redesigning and rebuilding their campus in Dearborn to better suit the needs of both the company and the workforce. This includes demolition of a bunch of smaller buildings to make way for two campus complexes. They’ll include cutting edge technology, and will also be green. All new structures will meet LEED Gold certification standards.

Dearborn Campus Transformation: Workspace Rendering

Inside these buildings, the focus will be on collaborative workspaces. However, if an employee does need some private space, either for themselves or for a meeting, rooms will be readily available for that purpose.

Mobile technology is also a focal point of the new complex; every employee will have enough wireless networking support to have 3 devices connected. Of course, they can probably have more but the network would support 3 devices from every single employee connected at once.

Finally, like any modern complex, parking will be consolidated into green parking structures and grass will be added.

It looks like a significant upgrade, and should make for a more pleasant working environment once it’s all finished.

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