Ford Fusion Hybrid Ranked Best Green Car for Your Greenbacks

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Both the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Toyota Prius are cars powered by a combination of an electric motor, a battery pack, and an internal combustion engine. Going by the latest news from U.S. News & World Report, that’s where their similarities end. Only one of them was deemed the 2016 Best Hybrid Car for the Money. Ironically, that green car was the one wearing a Blue Oval up front.

The site said, “Put simply, the Best Car for the Money award winners have the best combination of long-term value and quality in each of their classes in the U.S. News Best Car rankings.” It used quality data from those scores, which are based on safety and reliability information regarding each vehicle and the majority opinion of automotive journalists. Value was determined through a combination of the average prices being paid by real customers and total cost of ownership data, which includes things like fuel costs and insurance and repair charges over five years.

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The 2016 Fusion was found to offer above-average reliability and mostly top-notch safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to TrueCar’s estimate, people in the Austin, Texas area are paying an average of $23,252 for a mid-grade 2016 Fusion Hybrid SE, which is more than $3,600 off of the MSRP of $26,865.

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