Ford Fusion: 10 Years of Sales Success

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Ford is a manufacturer, a global employer, and a victim – a victim of its own success. Typically, when you think of Ford’s sales hits, vehicles such as the Mustang and F-150 come to mind. It seems the Fusion should be on that list, too.

In 2014, Ford sold 306,000 Fusions – more than doubling the 142,000 it moved in 2006, the first full year of Fusion sales. Not only that, but it’s doing well in two huge markets: California and Texas. According to Ford sales analyst Erich Merkle, “Since its introduction, Fusion – in style-conscious California – has grown at almost six times the rate of the overall segment.” Based on vehicle registration data, Texas alone is the home of 14 percent of the Fusion’s U.S. retail sales growth.

An attractive redesign for the 2013 model year which brought striking lines and an Aston-Martin-esque front end certainly made its contribution to that kind of popularity.

Ford isn’t the only victim of its success, though. It’s taking customers from Honda. In 2012, the Accord had a roughly 90,000-unit sales edge over the Fusion. That chasm narrowed to a gap of roughly 12,000 cars through June of this year.

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