Ford Focus RS in Dealerships Next Spring!

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2016 Ford Focus RS

There are certain cars that I’m giddy with excitement about being able to drive. The new Ford Raptor and Shelby GT350 definitely top my list from Ford. But another vehicle I’m even more excited about is the new Ford Focus RS.

A Ford Focus? Yes, a Focus! In Europe, RS Foci have been kings of the hot hatchback segment. They’re for people who want to be able to say their car is civilized, because it can haul things, but be able to chase down sports cars on canyon roads. What doesn’t sound appealing about that?

2016 Ford Focus RS

Under this new global Ford Performance brand, the Focus RS is coming to the United States and will be available in dealerships next spring!

In case you have forgotten, here’s what’s going to make this special Focus the most special of them all.

First off, it has an all-new all-wheel drive system. It’s performance based, and will have a Drift Mode so you can be Ken Block even if your fists are made of ham.

2016 Ford Focus RS

At any given time, the system can send up to 70% of the engine’s torque to the rear axle. Thanks to electronic wizardry, of that 70%, 100% can be sent to each individual wheel.

On paper, that should virtually eliminate understeer. Considering how balanced the front-wheel drive Fiesta ST is, they do know what they’re doing when performance tuning.

2016 Ford Focus RS

Secondly, it will be powered by a 2.3L EcoBoost that comes from the Mustang. In this application, though, it’ll make more than 315 horsepower. Hopefully, a lot more.

Brembo front brakes are on tap to whoa this car down, and available Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are available for grip. Basically, they’re racing tires with little tiny grooves in them to pass DOT inspection.

2016 Ford Focus RS

All the exterior body work, including the rear wing, are functional. Several unique colors will be available, including the Nitrous Blue of the car photographed.

Get your deposits ready and put the Golf R on notice, a new Focus RS is coming to town!

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