Ford Focus Carries a Van to the River

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Vans are handy things to have, depending on the one you buy. It could fit people, motorcycles, couches, and dogs like there’s no tomorrow. However, we’re not exactly sure that this is the proper way of using said van.

As you’ll see in the video, the presumed owner of the van is looking to transport(?) the van to another location, but clearly doesn’t have any friends to help them. So, they did what we’d all do and decide to place the van on top of the roof of their Ford Focus. Because, why not?

First off, we have a couple questions. Like, how did they get it on top of the Focus without crushing it? How are they planning on getting it off the roof? Why wasn’t the Focus on top of the van? Are you drunk? These are just some of the many questions we have for this person.

So the question becomes, is this the best use of a van ever, or is it all wrong?

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