Ford features the new 2011 models at the 2010 SEMA Show

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Ford’s display at the SEMA Show is impossible to miss, running the
width of the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center with a
collection of heavily modified new models.  This year, the Ford Fiesta,
Focus, Explorer and F-Series had a heavy presence but when you think
“Ford at SEMA”, the first thing that should come to mind is the mighty

Ford’s new engine lineup for the 2011 Mustang offers more power than
any previous model year of the famous pony car and companies like
Mobsteel and Team Baurtwell offered a few of the modified Mustangs for
SEMA visitors.  In addition to these Mustangs altered by various
aftermarket companies, Ford had a special display dedicated to the
return of the Boss 302 to the Mustang lineup, showing off both the
standard and Laguna Seca package for the 2012 Boss at one end of their
large display.

The far end of the Ford SEMA display offered a look at some subtly
customized 2011 Explorer’s and some not-so subtly customized Ford
F-Series pickups but next to the Mustang, the new 2011 Ford Fiesta
received top billing in the Ford area.  The Fiesta is expected to make
the same impact on the American auto market as it has in Europe (it is
one of the top-selling cars overseas) thanks to its highly efficient
drivetrain and flurry of high tech goodies but at SEMA, the Fiesta
showed its sporty, high performance side.  The b-segment hatchback lends
itself to customizing with a naturally sporty shape but when equipped
with a variety of different bodykits, suspension setups and wheels
options the Fiesta shows that it can fit just as well into the “hot
hatch” class as it fits into the basic high efficiency commuter vehicle

For the first time, Ford Motor Company also offered an outdoor
display, aptly named the “Ford Out Front” display.  This section was
dissected into two massive tarmacs, partitioned off by jersey barriers
with one being used to show off the high flying capabilities of the Ford
SVT Raptor and the purpose built race Raptors and next door, a small
gymkhana course was set up for well known racers Ken Block and Vaughn
Gittin Jr.  In addition to regular exhibition runs by the cars and
trucks, Ford offered a handful of media and the public a chance to ride
along ““ making for an unforgettable SEMA experience for those patient
enough to spend hours waiting in line for their chance to get seat time
with the legendary drift and rally racers.

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