Ford Fans Don’t Buy Chevrolet’s Attempt to Discredit the F-150’s Aluminum

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When Ford announced that they were switching to an all-aluminum body for the 2015 F-150, some of the company’s biggest fans expressed their concerns. While aluminum has been used successfully for decades in other industries, people were concerned that the material wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the needs of a pickup truck owner. While there might still be some skeptics today, Ford has spent a lot of time and money educating the consumer or the benefits of the alloy.

Last week Chevrolet launched a very powerful — and presumably quite expensive — advertising campaign to discredit Ford and the use of aluminum. You can watch the full commercial right here, but basically it shows the bed of the F-150 not holding up under the stresses of everyday life, including dropping a tool box into the bed.


My colleague Patrick asked you last week what you thought about the commercial, and many of you thought the commercial wasn’t truthful or that it wouldn’t affect your decision to buy a Ford truck.

When when company attacks another, you question the motivation behind the attack. Many of you did that very thing, based on your responses, and decided that it was in Chevrolet’s best interests to make Ford look bad. Some of you said that it doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not, because you’re going to buy the Ford anyway.

What we are all curious to find out is if it will have an affect on non-Ford truck fans? Ultimately, the monthly sales report is where we’ll find our answers.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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