Ford F5 Is the Hauler of Your Dreams…or Nightmares

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Ford F5

Despite looking like something straight out of a horror movie, this Ford F5 also possesses tons of charm.

Vintage haulers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. After all, why would you want to buy some boring modern truck to transport your vintage ride on? Why not use a truck that has as much character as an award-winning actor or actress? There are plenty of incredibly cool vintage commercial trucks lurking around the marketplace too, like this dual-personality 1951 Ford F5 we spotted at Gateway Classic Cars.

We say dual-personality because a truck like this Ford F5 could be viewed as either charming or terrifying. After all, it looks somewhat like a truck you’d see in a good horror flick. The kind that runs you down and feasts on your soul, cackling with bone-chilling laughter the whole time. Chock it up to a nicely patina’d surface that gives it that fresh out of the boneyard look.

Ford F5

At the same time, it’s hard to deny this Ford COE’s charm. With a “helmet” style cab and fat curvy fenders, you can’t help but be lured in by its appearance. And this one is built to work, too. Sitting on a modern camper frame, this Ford F5 is fitted with a fully operational flatbed. And with a Ford 429 under the hood and a C6 handling shifts, we’re betting it’ll haul whatever you park on that long flat surface.

Ford F5

Whether you use this classic Ford F5 to haul your toy or as a side business venture, it certainly looks up to the task. But don’t be surprised if you get some mixed reactions when you cruise it around town. After all, despite its relatively charming nature, we wouldn’t exactly turn our backs on this menacing pickup!

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