TRUCKED UP Ford F-350 Off-Road Blunder

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Ah, YouTube; the greatest way to embarrass yourself or your friends for the rest of the Internet’s existence. How else would we have moments like “Chocolate Rain,” PewDiePie, and of course the best in automotive failures?

Today is one of those automotive failures that makes you wonder, “Why did they upload that?” Or even, “What were they thinking?” Or the classic, “Why do I bother to make friends?”

You can kind of see where he was going with this. Climbing up that loose dirt kicker was pretty challenging when you see the truck to driver’s left sidewall deep. Once over, he didn’t want to lose that momentum or look like a pansy, not sure which, but a little recon of the bottom of that hill would have prevented all of this.

Too bad he didn’t think that far ahead, like a lot of these auto failures do. Poor Super Duty, it’s the true victim in all of this. Though, it could have been worse.

Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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