Ford F-250 Super Duty Bed Swap Options

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2006 Super Duty

Every bed option from the first three generations of Ford F-250 is interchangeable.

Ford Super Duty pickups are just about unstoppable, but the same problem that plagues many steel-bodied pickups can hit the F-250 and F-350 hard. That problem is of course, rust, and for many owners of aging Super Duty pickups, the struggle is real to find a clean, affordable bed to replace one that is rusting away. Fortunately, if you have a truck from 1999 through 2016, you can look for beds from any of those model years to bolt up to your F-Series truck.

The Introduction

This thread was initially started by “RLeary”, who post a short, simple question.

I have a 2003 F-250 XLT extended cab FX4 Short box. Through what years, and models can these beds be interchangeable? Appreciate any help.

Member “redford” was the first to reply and he provided the best answer possible for people looking to buy a used bed from other model year’s of the F-250.

1999-2016 beds will work, although the newer years have a slightly different body line feature and wheel well arch.

Also, the newer diesel beds will have a larger fuel door to accommodate the fuel and DEF filling.

2008 F-250 Overhead

Options Discussed

The thread stalled a bit after the OP’s question had been answered, but a short time later, “fabsroman” chimed in to get the input of the community on his problem with his F-250.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my truck bed right now. The supports are pretty much gone and there is a slight hole in the bed right above one of those supports. I found one support was resting on top of the spare tire. Trying to find a 99-16 8′ long bed for the truck isn’t easy. So, that leaves me with all of four options:

1) Take off the current bed, clean it up, install new supports from Dorman and the front support that I found from a fabricator, treat the underside with Por-15 so I do not need to deal with this again, and then reinstall it. Big worry with this is welding the new supports to the bed with the Line-X in the bed.

2) Put a flat bed on the truck, which I am not liking the idea of too much

3) Put a utility bed on the truck, which is appealing but I am guessing they run somewhere around $5,000, which is way more than it would cost me to repair the current bed.

4) Try to fit a 2017 bed on the truck. I know the aesthetic lines will not match up and the bolt holes will not line up, which sucks, but it will be a brand new bed for around $1,500 and it will be aluminum.

The entire reason I came to this forum today is to see if anybody has installed a 2017 take off bed on an older Super Duty and what it was like as far as bolting it in place is concerned.

2008 F-250 Rear

At that point, several members posted to point out that the 2017 bed wasn’t a great idea due to the cost, the mounting differences and the mix of aluminum and steel. A short time later, another member joined the forum with the same problem, asking fabsroman how he solved his problem.

I was able to find a 2016 take off bed on Craigslist that was an hour drive from me. Went and picked it up. It is in really good condition. Only problem is, it is red and my truck is grey. So, I am in the process of getting it prepped for painting. I’ve been sick most of the summer, so I am just starting to prep it now. Once I have the old bed off of the truck, I will clean up the rails, etc. and paint them too because they are looking pretty crappy under there.

My advice to you would be to continue to look through e-bay and Craigslist in the hope of finding something close to you. The bed cost me $1.950, which isn’t too bad. Took it for an estimate to get it painted and they wanted $2,500, which was ridiculous. Guessing they just did not want to do the work. So, my brother and I are going to paint it. He paints at a body shop, so it is just a matter of finding the time to get it done.

Since then, there have been some more questions about which bed will fit which trucks, essentially repeating the initial question without reading through the previous responses. However, if you have a 1999 through 2016 Super Duty, this thread offers some insight on your options to replace a rusty bed.

2008 Super Duty Bed

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