Ford F250 Super Crew 4×4 Wrangler SR-A Review: Tread Life, Warranty, Pricing, and Ratings

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The Ford F250 Super Crew 4×4 Wrangler SR-A is a versatile all-season tire with proven quality, intended for use on cars and light trucks

Characteristics of the Wrangler SR-A

The Super Crew 4×4 Wrangler SR-A’s provide year-round traction, easy management, value, and low vibration and noise levels. These tires are Original Equipment (OE) for the Ford F250, but are also sold in sets of four or axle pairs to owners that drive vehicles that are equal in load range, overall vehicle weight, speed rating stipulations, and they match the necessary tire size of the original tire.

Probable road and driving conditions are also considered when using Wrangler SR-A tires. These tires can handle driving conditions in light snow, but are not necessarily recommended for more adverse weather circumstances.

The Wrangler SR-A tire ranges in weight from 26 to 61 pounds and have a maximum load capacity of 1653 to 3750 pounds. The price of each tire ranges from $89.00 to $193.00, depending on the specifications.

Wrangler SR-A Warranty

The Wrangler SR-A tread life warranty covers 50,000 miles and the uniformity warranty covers 2/32″ of wear. The Wrangler SR-A offers no manufacturer Road Hazard Warranty but may be available for an additional fee. However the Workmanship and Material Warranty is unlimited and offers free replacement the first year or 25% of the tread. The Wrangler SR-A warranty received 3.5 (out of 4) rating.

Wrangler SR-A Review

Forty percent of the people surveyed at online survey stated that they would “probably not” purchase this tire again.  Although touted with an “aggressive tread pattern” for better on and off road traction, the tire tread scored a 6.3 (out of 10), which is considered “good.” The hydroplaning resistance and wet traction only scored a 5.5 (out of 10), which is still in the “good’ range. These tires sport circumferential grooves for water evacuation. As far as light snow traction and deep snow traction, the Wrangler SR-A scored 5.6 and 5.1, respectfully.

Cornering stability and tire tread on the Wrangler SR-A both scored a 6.3. In the excellent category, the Wrangler SR-A scored a 7.4 for dry traction, a 6.6 in steering response, a 6.8 for noise comfort and a 6.9 for ride comfort.

Overall, the Wrangler SR-A, is considered to be a middle of the road (no pun intended) tire and did not score unacceptable (0-2.5) or superior (8.6-10) in any of the 12 categories surveyed. Out of the 71 tires that were graded and surveyed the Wrangler SR-A scored 6 out of 8.9 and ranked number 49.

Used the SR-A’s before? How did you like them? Are they your tire of choice? Had any issues with them?

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