Ford F-150 Pickups Hold Up Well to Deer Strikes

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Wrecked Ford F-150

Hitting a deer with your F-150 is almost always costly, but Ford trucks are generally able to drive away.

If you live in a rural area, one of the biggest concerns while cruising the backroads late at night or early in the morning is having a big deer run out in front of your F-150. Hitting a deer with your truck almost always leads to costly damages and in the worst cases, it could total your pickup. Our friends over at recently featured a thread where members were sharing the damage to various Ford vehicles and it is a stark reminder of the dangers of a deer strike.

The Introduction

When “Iggy F-150” shared pictures of his wrecked Ford truck, he didn’t offer much insight at first, simply posting pictures and a frustrated comment.

Well, built Ford tough isn’t tough enough when a f’ing deer jumps out in front of you! Stupid deer!

Wrecked Ford F-150

Later on in the thread, the OP explained what happened, sharing a story that so many of us have experienced.

Yea, I was almost home too. Stupid deer jumped a concrete barrier, was almost hit by drivers on the other side, and landed pretty much right in the center of the front of the truck. I guess Iv’e been lucky after all these years, never even had a close call and now this, guess it was my time. A/C condenser is ruined (A/C no longer works) and I’m sure bent the radiator too, front bumper, valance, driving lights, CCM, air dampers, check engine light on now, and who knows what else. Luckily no body damage though.

Wrecked Ford F-150

That same day, he shared the bad news in terms of damage.

Well it amounted to just over $5k not including whatever else they find once they take it apart.

And after a few pages of discussions, the OP shared a disappointing update to his story.

Just an update on my experience with my body shop (Beaver County Auto Collision Center in Beaver Falls, PA). I just talked to my estimator this morning from the body shop and he flat out told me they didn’t want to do business with me. Why? I refused to have anything but new OEM parts installed on my 17k mile truck where he wanted to use a used headlight and aftermarket condenser and radiator. He said that was a requirement of Allstate which is not the case as I called them immediately afterwards. I also challenged them on their ridiculous prices on the parts that are straight up retail. He was shocked when I informed him that I could get the exact same parts for a lot less directly from Ford through places like Tasca. So come to find out also from Allstate that they have an interactive app they use called Virtual Assist where I have a real-time conversation with one of their adjusters that also includes video in real-time and they take screenshots of the damage to do their estimate. As it stands now, looks like I’m going to do all the repairs myself since it’s mostly just cosmetic and bolt-on stuff, just may need to take it somewhere to get the A/C evac/recharge done.

Wrecked Ford F-150

An Owner’s Nightmare

Many of the folks commenting on the thread are doing so simply to send their condolences for the damage to the relatively new F-150, but several others shared pictures of their Ford trucks after deer strikes. While all of them required costly repairs, it looks as though all of them could have been driven home after the incident.

The first to share was “TopOMichXL”:

I can relate. Hood, fender, two dooors, mirror.

Wrecked Ford F-150

Autoworker” has hit deer with two different trucks.

I’ve hit two. One was $5000 and the other was $2800. Both in the morning at 6 am.

Wrecked Ford F-150

While “fordtrks4ever” showed that an F-350 handles a deer strike about as well as an F-150.

2011 F350 $10,500 damage grill, hood, headlight, fender, brace behind the fender, door, fender well, and piece under the wipers.

Wrecked Ford F-350

FutureRaptorOwner” hit a deer with his 1986 F-150 and not surprisingly, the old school truck seemed to take the shot better than newer trucks.

Yep, been there. With my ’86 F150 4×4.

Wrecked Ford F-150

And “MrKrabs” showed that while the Raptor is the toughest Ford truck ever, it handles a deer strike like any other pickup.

Here’s a 2018 Raptor after a 8 point buck committed suicide. Seven weeks for parts and a $13,000 insurance claim. Are we having fun yet?

Wrecked Ford F-150 Raptor

Insane Accidents

Two members shared pictures and stories of deer-strikes with other vehicles that show how well the Ford F-Series pickups handle the impact.

“LCW” shared the most graphic crash photo in the thread, showing his Ford Escape after hitting a deer at speed on the highway. Needless to say, this vehicle wasn’t driven away.

I hit a deer with a Ford Escape a couple years back. Going 75 mph on interstate. Never even had time to let off the throttle let alone touch the brakes. Front end literally exploded and the hood flew open. Had to coast to the shoulder looking through the gap between hood and cowl. It was also -20F, so anything plastic didn’t stand a chance.

Damage was >$19K. In MN, damage has to be 70% or greater of the value of the vehicle at time of accident for it to get totaled. In my case it got totaled.

Wrecked Ford Escape

While “KYBuckeye” shared his story of hitting a deer on a motorcycle. Surprisingly, the bike handled the impact well and the rider was unharmed.

Well I’ve never hit one of these things in a car but…I did cream one on my motorcycle about 10 years ago. We have some great twisty roads here in KY and apparently deer like them as much as motorcyclists. I hit this guy going about 45mph in a straight line (just coming out of a curve). Thank my lucky stars I kept the bike on two wheels and managed to limp it to a stop. The deer was about the size of a German Shepherd. I hit him square in the midsection and he buckled, so to speak. He even crapped on the side of one of my fairings during the quick ordeal. Happened at 9:00am on a Sunday morning. Guess that was my sign to not skip church. LOL!

Wrecked Motorcycle

Protecting Your Truck

In addition to all of the positive thoughts and personal stories of hitting deer by other members, a few folks shared pictures of Ford F-150s with front end protection. As you can see in the images here, a brush guard appears to protect the entire front end, but will they really protect the truck when you hit a big, heavy deer?

Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Well, based on the picture of a Ram truck posted by “KKline”, the heavy duty front bumper destroyed the animal was sparing the pickup from any clear damage.

Ram Truck

Click here to head into the forum to share your stories of hitting deer or what you have done to protect your vehicle in the case of a high speed impact.

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