Ford F-150 King Ranch – Love It or Hate It: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Intense custom paint, a massive entertainment system and gigantic wheels make this F-150 absolutely outrageous.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the Whip Addict YouTube channel and it features a truly unique Ford F-150 King Ranch. This truck is owned by a gentleman who goes by the name “Kandy Man Mike”, and whether you love or hate the look, it is clear that there were no shortcuts taken during this build.

In fact, there are probably a few places where he could have taken shortcuts, but in an effort to seemingly make one of the most insanely-modified F-150 pickups we have seen, this guy modified pretty much every visual aspect of the truck. In the video above, we get a look at the custom King Ranch from every angle, inside and out, with the exception of the engine bay. That area might be stock, but honestly, that doesn’t matter as the outrageousness of the rest of the vehicle makes up for a plain engine bay.

Kandy Man Ford F-150 Side

Wild Exterior

On the outside, this Ford F-150 has a striking two-tone “kandy” orange, with graphics throughout much of the paint. While the graphics might not be your thing, the paint job appears to be pretty sharp. The unique two-tone theme is carried through the inner portion of the door pillars and in the door jambs, while the hard tonneau cover, the hood, the bumpers and the trim pieces on the chrome running boards are painted the lighter orange shade to match.

The headlight inners and the taillight lenses are also painted orange, the headlight lenses are tinted orange and the grille inserts are orange, so the painted really left no stone unturned when spraying this F-150.

Kandy Man Ford F-150 Front Corner

The most significant change made to the exterior of this King Ranch might be the blanket of orange paint, but the gigantic wheels might draw more attention than the finish. We don’t know for sure what size the wheels are, but they are wrapped in absurdly-thin tires and painted to match the body, of course. It also appears as though the wheel wells have been modified to make room for the huge wheels.

Kandy Man Ford F-150 Rear Wheel

The Interior

On the inside, this Ford F-150 King Ranch appears to have the standard leather seats, but many accent points across the dash, on the center console and throughout the door panels have been painted orange. The door panels are custom, with three six-inch JL Audio speakers and four small television screens molded into the front doors while the rear doors have two six-inch speakers and two screens each.

Kandy Man Ford F-150 Door Panel

Finally, the cargo area of this Ford F-150 has an elaborate custom enclosure setup for more screens and all of the electronics needed to drive the entertainment system. All of those items are tucked under the tonneau, but the builder has also covered everything in the bed in stained wood, providing a high-end look that works well with the rest of the truck.

Kandy Man Ford F-150 Bed Contents

Whether you love or hate this look, you have to respect the amount of time and effort that went into crafting such an elaborately-customized Ford truck.

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