Throwback Thursday: 2000 Ford F-150 Serves as a Fire Truck

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This week’s Throwback Thursday video features a commercial for the 2000 Ford F-150, in which it serves as a fire truck of sorts for a group of volunteers rushing to an emergency.

Now, I don’t know why this group of volunteer firefighters don’t have a real fire truck, but the commercial shows them loading into the truck and riding to the emergency scene while they finish suiting up on the move. Once they get there, the hoses and tools needed to smash their way into the burning building are unloaded from the bed of the truck, practically eradicating the need for a whole fire truck.

Jokes aside, this dramatic Ford F-150 commercial video by, Classic Car Channel, shows the capabilities, the roomy cabin and the spacious bed of the 2000 models, making for a memorable advertisement with a happy ending – as the F150 driver and his coworkers save the day!

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