Is This a Ford F-150 Diesel Test Mule, or a Secret Ford Ranger Drivetrain Test?

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Earlier this year we brought you unique footage of a partially-disguised Ford F-150 running around the streets of Dearborn, Michigan with what sounded like a diesel engine. While it’s basically a fact that the a diesel power plant is coming for the F-150, we can’t help but thing if this could simply be tied to the Ford Ranger.

Installing a Ranger drivetrain to a Ford F-150 is simpler than you think, and we have reason to believe that the shortened rear bumper and funky looking exhaust could actually have something to do with that.

Regardless of which truck model this diesel engine may fall into, it will be nice to see a non-gasoline engine be fitted to a truck outside of the Super Duty lineup, which should generate strong sales for the segment given the many diesel-loving buyers.

There’s only one more question to ask. With the growing popularity and success of Ecoboost engines in recent years, where in the F-150 range this engine will fit?

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Video via: [CustomCrestline]

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