2015 Ford F-150 Commercial Gets an Added Layer of Perfection

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Early footage of F-150 ad shows the magic behind the marketing.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the Big Hammer Music & Sound YouTube channel and it brings us a rare look at a Ford F-150 commercial before the final editing has been performed. Most people know that there are changes made to the raw video footage before it airs on television, but this commercial shows just how many touch-ups go into the final product.

To showcase the changes between the raw footage and the official commercial, we have included the final product below from the EquipmentWorld YouTube channel, so after watching the unedited video above, compared that to the clip below.

2015 Ford F-150 in White

Color Explosion

The most noticeable difference between the two Ford F-150 commercials here are the colors and the overall video quality. Everything is bolder and brighter, with better lighting added to the truck and the other focal points of each segment. In some cases, the raw footage almost appears to be in black and white, but in the actual commercial below, the truck in question is bright red. Also, the sky is a brighter color in almost every scene so overall, the video just plain looks more impressive in every scene.

2015 F-150 in Red

Missing Machinery

Finally, in many of the rolling shots in the video above, you can see the large boom that carries the cameras extending from under the front end of the truck. Since many of the trucks in this video have chrome bumpers, you can see the reflection of the camera apparatus in the bumpers, but in the actual commercial, you cannot tell that the extra items were there.

2015 F-150 Towing

In the case of the scene where the dirt is being poured into the bed, the actual commercial has a completely different backdrop and a truck drives by. In the scene with the truck driving through a quarry, the machines have been replaced with a large pile of rock.

Between brightening up the colors and lighting and removing the items needed for filming, these two videos show how much changes during the editing process of a Ford F-150 commercial.

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