Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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Watch a cool 1971 Ford F-100 Explorer Special lay down 10-second quarter-mile times!

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the YouTube account of BigKleib34 and it features a heavily modified 1971 Ford F-100 Explorer Special. In the video, we get to watch the classic Ford pickup make a pair of quarter-mile runs, and while there is one unfortunate detail of this F-100, it is still an impressive old school truck.

The details on this 1971 Ford F-100 Explorer Special are short, but it is very clearly a purpose built drag truck with a roll cage extending out through the back of the cab. The body looks pretty much stock, but the skinny front tires, the fat rear tires, the lowered stance, the roll cage, and the thunderous roar prevent this truck from being a true sleeper.

Ford F-100 Explorer Special

The one feature of this truck which some Ford fans might consider an unfortunate downside, is that this old F-100 is powered by a 427 cubic inch big block Chevy. We would prefer to see it packing a big block Ford, but even with off-brand engine, this is a cool F-Series build.

10.80’s in a Half-Ton Truck

The video begins with the Ford Explorer Special doing a fairly mild burnout, at which point you might wonder if this truck is going to run as awesome as it looks. However, when the green lights drop, this old F-Series pickup goes screaming down the track. In a great side-by-side race with a Chevy Malibu, the F-100 runs a 10.88 at 119.86 miles per hour.

On the second run, the 1971 Ford F-100 does a better burnout and lays down a better run, stopping the clock at 10.81 at 120.06 miles per hour. Engine choice aside, that is an impressive quarter mile time for this classic full size Ford truck.

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