Ford F-Series Trucks Stole the Hearts of Thieves in 2015…and Got Stolen in Return

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2006 Ford Super Duty Ford-Trucks 4

We all know Ford trucks are popular. The problem is they’re popular with more people than just honest, hard-working fans and buyers like you. Car thieves are especially fond of them, too.

Last year, they made Ford’s full-size 2006 pickups the 3rd most stolen vehicles in the U.S. The Blue Oval trucks were driven away by someone with sticky fingers 29,396 times. Luckily, no other Fords made the list.

In Texas, where trucks are as common as triple-digit temperatures, full-size trucks occupied four of the top five spots. The 2006 F-Series was in the very top spot, followed by the 2004 Chevrolet Silverado.

Nationwide and in the Lone Star State, full-size 2006 Ford pickups were more popular than their rival trucks, but that’s a contest we’re sure you 2006 F-Series owners aren’t happy about winning. It probably feels more like losing.

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via [National Insurance Crime Bureau]

photo credit [JohnsTrucks4Sale on Youtube]

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