Ford F-Series Trucks Still Dominating Pickup Sales

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The Ford F-Series is like the Steph Curry of trucks right now: a reigning champion that just continues to get better and better. released the sales numbers for this past October, and the competition is getting smaller and smaller in the F-Series’ mirrors. Compared to 2014, the 1.5 percent more F-150 and siblings have been sold, and 65,500 sold in Oct. 2015 compared to 63,410 in Oct. 2014, an increase of 3.3 percent.

In a race that’s not even close, at this point, the Chevy Silverado is in second, at 492,551 units sold thus far. As far as mid-size trucks go,¬†the Toyota Toyota¬†continues to outpace both its older brother and its competitor with 148,905 sold in 2015.


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