Ford F-Series Sales Exceeding Expectations

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2018 F Series Trucks

Driven by consumer confidence, sales of 2017 Ford F-Series trucks hit 12-year high.

While a lot of the auto industry finds itself in uncertain times, Ford trucks is standing strong on solid ground. There are a number of factors that have put Ford at the top; consumer confidence, brand reliability, the value of the truck market, and the Ford reputation. But the top reason seems to be the strong customer base. The Blue Oval is back in a big way, and is comfortably dominating the market.

“I bought one Ford and never looked back,” three-time Ford owner Sam Parnagian told The Detroit Free Press. This brand loyalty is a common theme among Ford truck owners and enthusiasts. For some, it is because no other truck quite meets their needs. “I manage a horse farm, so a truck is just as important as the air I breathe,” said Anne DeHaven, who has owned three F-150 pickups over the past decade. For her work, DeHaven needed a 4-wheel drive truck that had strong towing capabilities, and could handle rough terrain. But she also was concerned with fuel efficiency, so since 2010 DeHaven has been driving a Ford F-150 with an EcoBoost system, getting more bang for the buck at the pump.

Ford F-150

Economists feel confident that Ford will be able to stay at the top, even with the upcoming 2019 release of Fiat Chrysler’s updated Ram pickup, and General Motors newly designed Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Erich Merkle, US Sales Analyst for Ford, confirmed “There’s a strong appetite from our customers, where they’re choosing all the features and technology we can muster up.”


‘I bought one Ford and never looked back.’


With the variety offered by Ford’s F-Series, and sales growth at at 11%, it appears the Motor Company is listening to its customers and giving them what they want and need. To that end, the company is looking to address the small crossover market in the future, in particule the Escape, Edge, and Explorer.

2017 F-Series Super Duty

But for now the focus is on a booming year, and maybe scooping up a few awards. A few of note being the Ford F-150 named a 2018 Best Buy pickup by Kelley Blue Book for the fourth year in a row, and the Super Duty was crowned Truck of the Year by Motor Trend. Sales are up, critics are lauding Ford, and the customers are happy. We think Mark Stevens, owner three Ford pickup sums it up nicely: “My dad was a Chevy guy and I tried a Ford just to be different. Then I fell in love with the darn thing.”

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S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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