Ford F-Series Outsells Everything in 2017

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2018 Ford F-150

The Ford F-Series outsold all other trucks in America for the 41st-straight year while outselling every other vehicle in the market for the 36th-straight year.

This morning, Ford Motor Company published their sales figures for December 2017 and the year as a whole. Not surprisingly, the F-Series pickup was the best-selling vehicle within the Motor Company while also being the best-selling truck in America and the best-selling overall vehicle in the US market.

Ford Leads All Truck Sales in 2017

In 2017, Ford sold 896,764 examples of their F-Series pickups. That is an improvement of 9.3-percent over the 820,799 trucks sold in 2016 and 2017 is the best sales year for the F-Series since 2005. In second place within the truck segment is the Chevrolet Silverado at 585,864 units sold and the Ram pickup is third with 500,723 units sold, so Ford beat Chevy and Ram by a massive margin.

In fact, if you add up the sales numbers of both full-size General Motors pickups, GM moved a total of 803,807 big trucks in 2017. Based on that total, the Ford F-Series pickup outsold the Silverado and Sierra combined by almost 93,000 units.

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There were 2,828,838 trucks sold in America last year, so the Ford F-Series accounted for nearly a third of the entire segment. We can expect all of those Ford numbers to improve one the new Ranger hits the market, but in the meantime, the F-Series dominates the American truck market all by itself.

2017 marks the 41st-consecutive year that the F-Series has led truck sales in the United States.

Truck Sales Totals for 2017:
Ford F-Series- 896,764
Chevrolet Silverado- 585,864
Ram Pickup- 500,723
GMC Sierra- 217,943
Toyota Tacoma- 198,124
Toyota Tundra- 116,285
Chevrolet Colorado- 112,996
Nissan Frontier- 74,360
Nissan Titan- 52,924
Honda Ridgeline- 34,749
GMC Canyon- 32106

Ford Leads All Cars, Too

In addition to outselling every truck in America, the Ford pickup was also the best-selling vehicle overall for 2017. The Silverado and Ram pickup finished second and third in the overall sales race, with the Toyota RAV4 finishing fourth with 407,594 units sold and the Toyota Camry is once again the best-selling car, finishing fifth overall with 387,081 units sold last year.

2017 F150 Recall

In short, the best-selling truck in America beat the best-selling car in America by more than a half-million units while beating the best-selling SUV by nearly 490,000 units.

2017 is the 36th-straight year where the Ford F-Series outsold every other car, truck and SUV in America.

The Best-Selling Vehicles in America for 2017:
Ford F-Series- 896,764
Chevrolet Silverado- 585,864
Ram Pickup- 500,723
Toyota RAV- 407,594
Toyota Camry- 387,081

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