Ford F-Max 500 Is a Proper Monster of a Big Rig

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Ford F-Max is a real throwback, cab-over big rig. And it looks every bit as cool as you’d think.

As a kid, chances are you loved nothing more than a massive big rig. You probably rode in the back of your parent’s station wagon, just waiting to pass one so you could entice the driver to blow his horn. And even as you got older, your affinity for massive trucks never really went away. Heck, we often find ourselves doing the old arm motion, even today. And now, there’s an incredibly cool, brand new rig to scope out on the roads – the Ford F-Max 500.

The Ford F-Max is a brand new, global rig that recently debuted at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany. It was also there that it took home the International Truck of the Year Award. And even before its official unveiling, the F-Max was tested in 11 different countries, spanning 3.1 million miles in the process. Which is obviously important, given the fact that big rigs routinely rack up incredible amounts of real estate.

Ford F-Max 500

A giant, flat nose contains a massive grille giving the Ford F-Max a signature Blue Oval truck look. And that’s part of what also makes the interior so incredibly spacious. Going with a cab-over design is certainly unusual in this day and age, at least in the U.S. But it obviously carries a number of advantages. Plus, the Ford F-Max packs a load of modern safety technology, including an Advanced Emergency Braking System and Lane Departure Warning.

Ford F-Max 500

Which is all great, of course. But we just keep going back to the way this thing looks. A big, flat-nosed brute of a machine sure to stand out from those other, “boring” big rigs. It sports a design that’s a throwback to cab-over pickups of past years. And judging from the video below, it’s going to look just as awesome out on the roads, too!

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