Ford F-750: The Six Million Dollar Machine

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Luxurious, Over-the-Top F-750 World Cruiser Is Possibly the World’s Most Expensive Custom Ford Truck

People rant on and on these days over the rising cost of pickup trucks. In the past, you could buy a nice, rugged vehicle for a reasonable price. But today, trucks are more luxurious than ever. And despite the complaints, top trim levels sell like hot cakes. But none can top this: the $6,000,000 Ford F-750 World Cruiser.

A real exercise in excess, the F-750 World Cruiser has everything you might want in a truck. That includes a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as dining and living rooms. You’ve also got sleeping room for six guests and a four-ton towing capacity.

That mammoth towing power comes from a Cummins diesel that produces a whopping 1,200 lb-ft of torque. So, who would commission such a ridiculously and arguably unnecessary truck? Hint: It wasn’t some rich oil tycoon.

No, the Ford F-750 World Cruiser was built by Peter Dunkel of Dunkel Industries. Dunkel specializes in moving all sorts of large and heavy equipment. So, the project makes sense after all. But Dunkel may have overshot the price tag just a bit.

That became evident when the Ford F-750 World Cruiser came up at auction not too long ago. Dunkel couldn’t get bids anywhere in the same stratosphere of that build cost. With a high bid of only $50,000, it looks like the big rig isn’t going anywhere.

Anybody who has ever restored a truck knows that feeling. Certainly not to the degree of a $5-plus million dollar loss, but that’s what you get for being a big roller. Hopefully Dunkel was able to at least churn up some business with his rolling billboard. Or get a nice tax write off.

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