Ford F-750 Off-Road RV Costs $1.5 Million!

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If you’re looking for a Ford truck that’ll get away from civilization, and keep you there for a really long time, this F-750 will do it!

Ford isn’t into the business of building RVs and other kinds of recreational vehicles. But interestingly enough, their chassis and vehicle platforms are hailed as some of the best and most versatile for using as RV and motorhome foundations.

Whether it’s the multi-purpose Transit van or in this case the mighty Ford F-750, Ford plays a big role in the recreational vehicle market without being a direct player. Take EarthRoamer for example, the Colorado-based company builds some of the hottest and most advanced off-road RVs in the world – which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

In other cases though, such as the case of the 2017 F-750-based XV-HD, they can cost upwards of $1.5 million dollars! Yes, we said one and a half million dollars. But what exactly do you get for that kind of money? Well, you can take a close look at this gargantuan thanks to this video by The Fast Lane Truck.


To put it simply, the XV-HD has more of everything. The 4×4 Ford platform is wider, longer, tougher, and more rugged than anything else on the road. The body is a proprietary EarthRoamer design and it rolls on 46-inch tires, while the front winch can tow up to 30,000 pounds. It features a hydraulic-driven smart generator for the massive lithium-ion battery packs used for energy, as well as Fox Racing suspension and a very luxurious interior. Heck, it’s nicer than most homes!

Then again, it also costs a lot more than many homes! All we can say is that at least you can drive this across the world, unlike your actual house. Which makes it a smart decision, right?

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