Ford EarthRoamer Is Your New Summer Toy

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Ford Earthroamer

This F-750 Can Take You Where No Other Ford Can, and That’s Why We Totally Love It

Ford conversion trucks and vans are nothing new. People have been turning their Fords into tiny homes away from home for decades, and have fueled the expansion of aftermarket and outfitter companies like EarthRoamer. What once were basic campers in the back of Ford Rangers, are now luxurious digs bolted on Super Duty chassis cabs.

In the case of Colorado-based EarthRoamer, it’s the mighty Ford F-750 that lays the foundation for their newest XV-HD “Xpedition Vehicle.” Powered by a 6.7 liter PowerStroke diesel engine capable of producing 330 horsepower, the XV-HD isn’t necessarily a speed demon, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s the 725 lb-ft of torque that are crucial on a vehicle of this kind, especially with a 26,000 gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Ford Earthroamer

Designed to go where no traditional truck or RV can go, the EarthRoamer XV-HD boasts 46 x 17.6″ off-road tires and massive suspension travel. Keeping the cab and living space protected is a full-metal frontal armor with a built-in winch and off-road lamps. In the back, a similar bumper with reinforced tow hooks is also installed.

Ford Earthroamer

The sample unit you see photographed here measures 8.5 ft. in width, 13 ft. in height, and a whopping 35 ft. in length. So if you’re looking for something discreet, this is definitely not it. The “camper” measures 20 ft. in length, and is able to fit eight and sleep six people under most configurations. Of course, all exact measurements can vary, as every XV-HD is custom-built by order.

Ford Earthroamer

Once you’re out in Death Valley with your loved ones, the massive solar panels, built-in converter and battery offer enough juice to operate all of the onboard equipment. A 145-gallon fuel tank, and a 200-gallon fresh water tank provide enough essentials for a long expedition. In addition, the 28,000 btu air conditioning and heater, 10.5-cu. ft. fridge/freezer, and built-in washer and dryer offer some of life’s best comforts when in the middle of nowhere. Oh, did we mention continuous hot water for polar expeditions?

Ford Earthroamer

All-in-all, the Ford F-750-based EarthRoamer SV-HD is a summer toy we very much would love to have. We wonder if they’d let us review one? Hmmm… Stay tuned for more.

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