Is the Ford F-650 Super Truck the Dumbest Vehicle Ever Produced?

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The Ford F-650 is a medium-duty commercial truck that sees a lot of different work. It can be a beverage hauler. It can be a dump truck. But there are aftermarket fitters out there who will slap a pickup truck bed on to it and make it a Super Truck. Is the Super Truck, in fact, the dumbest vehicle ever produced?

According to this YouTube video from Super Speeders, it’s actually the second dumbest vehicle ever produced. The host goes through a itemized list of why the truck really doesn’t make sense and describe the type of person who actually buys one of these trucks.

Many of his arguments are legit, too. For example, the pickup truck bed is extremely high up in the air. It really defeats of the purpose of having a bed if you can’t actually get into it to put stuff in it. It also has commercial truck tires and a suspension not designed for pickup truck duty. That means it’s uncomfortable to drive.

Give the video a watch and see the other reasons why the truck might be considered dumb, and then let us know what you think either in the comments below or over in our forums!

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