Ford F-650 Raises the Bar on Badass Trucks

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Ford Dumptruck

Sure, it costs around $80,000 and is the size of Godzilla, but driving Ford’s biggest dump truck is easier than you think.

If you take one look at at this beautiful and beastly Ford F-650, we know what your first couple of questions are going to be. So, we’ll answer them for you without even having to ask.

Here goes: 1. Yes, it’s real, available, and the biggest truck that Ford makes. 2. It’s six tons (but below commercial weight, so, streetwise and license-wise, it’s just like driving an F-150). And 3. It will set you back about 80 grand, which includes the $12,500 dumpster addition. But, if you can afford to raise the bar on your truck driving experience, this is the machine to consider.

The truck enthusiasts over at The Street were recently lucky enough to explore all of the awesome aspects of this attention-stealing Ford F-650 truck. And the most fascinating part is learning just how much this enormous vehicle is a lot like an F-150 in the best ways possible.

But, is this particular orange beast practical for everyday use, and who is Ford’s target consumer? “People that are America, they build your homes, your roads,” says Ford’s marketing manager, Kevin Koester, to The Street.

Eighty grand is a bit steep, but with such a heavy duty vehicle and the attached dumping mechanism, maybe you can make up the money by taking inspiration from Homer Simpson’s Mr. Plow and start your own business, Mr. Dump. OK, wait, you may want to rethink the name.



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