Ford F-650 6-Door Supertruck Cares Nothing about Subtlety

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Ford F-650 Supertruck

Everything about this massive Ford Supertruck is so outrageous and audacious that introverts needn’t apply.

Generally, custom truck builds fall into one of two categories. You’ve got your mild, unassuming builds that feature a level or small lift and maybe some wheels and tires. And on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got trucks like this wild, 6-door Ford F-650 Supertruck we spotted on eBay. The kind of ride that you’ll never go unnoticed in. The kind of truck that only a celebrity (or wannabe celebrity) might dare to cruise around in.

So it might not come as a huge surprise that this truck was, in fact, owned by NBA superstar Chris “The Birdman” Anderson. Who is a pretty eclectic guy, to say the least. And honestly, we can’t think of a more fitting vehicle for a tall, tattooed, professional athlete with a thirst for parties. After all, this massive Ford carries a full seven passengers, with drop down TVs in each row and a sound system powerful enough to rattle your teeth out.

Ford F-650 Supertruck

And when you’re famous, you want to make sure everyone outside the vehicle knows it, too. Thus, this Ford Supertruck has a $14,000 custom flamed paint job. You know, just in case you missed its enormous girth or massiveĀ 385/65R 22.5-inch tires. Everything about this Ford is supersized. From the dual diesel fuel tanks to the strobe lights, fold-down bed, and nearly four-foot long sunroof.

Ford F-650 Supertruck

It takes a special kind of person to drive something as audacious as a Ford F-650 Supertruck. And of course, someone with a fairly large amount of cash. But if you can’t stand the idea of going somewhere without being noticed, we can’t think of a more suitable rig!

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