Watch a Ford F-450 Handle 5,000 Pounds, Until It…

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F-450 Platinum owner discusses safety, and the effect of having such a large payload in a truck.

The Ford F-450 is an absolute powerhouse of a truck. The 32,500 pounds of towing capacity is unmatched by its competition. The over 7,600 pounds of payload capacity is top of its class as well. However, most owners of these beautiful trucks will never have a situation that truly tests such capacities. One truck owner recently did get close to the payload capacity, and took the opportunity to show us how it affects the truck.

In a video by Big Truck Big RV, an F-450 Platinum owner loaded his truck bed with 4,300 pounds of bottled water. He was in the process of delivering bottled water after a local factory had accidentally contaminated their fresh water supply. So, he does what any F-450 owner would do, and he drives two hours to Sam’s Club to buy two palettes of bottled water.

F-450 with 5000 lb payload 3

Combined with  tools and other odds and ends in his truck, the total payload just tipped over 5,000 pounds. Obviously that’s still over a ton less than what the maximum is, but definitely still more weight than most drivers would ever load. The results were impressive! The truck sat negligibly lower, and the shocks looked great.

Make sure to watch the video to hear some of the warning signs and safety concerns you might have for carrying such a large payload!

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