F-350 ‘Mad Hatter’: An Insanely Genius Build

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2016 F-350 Super Duty The Mad Hatter

We’re all mad here for 2016 F-350 Super Duty brilliantly transformed into sexy and badass 4×4.

Meagan Farough, the creator of this incredible 2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty build, has always had a taste for big trucks. Her truck, appropriately named “The Mad Hatter,” was created using her passion for rugged 4x4s, her interest in building a custom beast that reflected her past in The Great White North, and her hope of one day showing at SEMA. We think she has succeeded perfectly.

Truck Trend recently profiled Farough and her Ford F-350 build. Farough grew up British Columbia, Canada, mudding in 4x4s or putting her trucks through the wringer in Canadian winters. She was no stranger to junkyards, where she often found the parts she needed to fix and build trucks that could rule the bogs and slay the snow.

2016 F-350 Super Duty The Mad Hatter

She moved to the U.S. and started working on trucks in earnest, finding herself very much at home in the American trucking world. Her interest was focused on lifting and customizing Ford trucks. She prefers Ford as Chevys would require her to convert to a straight-axle. After she met her future-husband Blaine, he began working on his own build for SEMA. Truck Trend says Farough “vowed the next year would be her time to shine at the massive marketing show.”

2016 F-350 Super Duty The Mad Hatter

Farough got to work on her dream truck, and began by buying a 2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty. She customized the interiors, and she added some Canadian style to the exterior in a full wrap with snow-capped mountains, trees, and of course the maple leaf Canadian flag emblems.

2016 F-350 Super Duty The Mad Hatter

The 6.7L diesel truck was taken apart to make way for a new suspension and axles. Leaf springs were added in the rear and coils in front. The frame was painted by Farough and her husband, and they some amenities such as a stereo system beneath the rear seats, a mounted mini iPad kit, and Ride Controllers wireless switch. The Mad Hatter got a 17-inch Stryker lift kit, Bodyguard bumpers, and lights were mounted on the bumpers.

2016 F-350 Super Duty The Mad Hatter

Farough added the the matching wrapped Can-Am Summit 850 snowmobile, a perfect touch of Canada, eh?

After many hours in the garage, ample elbow grease, and a lot of creativity, Farough’s dream came true when she showed The Mad Hatter at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas. Check out the gallery for more pictures of this remarkable and inspired build.

Photos: Truck Trend

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