Ford F-350 Rescues Toyota Tundra from Highway Mishap (Video)

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Ford F-350 saves the day while coating the Toyota in a thick layer of mud, adding insult to injury.

cThe video above comes to us from the ViralHog YouTube channel, but if you are an active social media user, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with this particular Ford F-350. The video surfaced online on New Years Day, showing a high-riding Super Duty dragging the Toyota out of the grassy highway median, but while an American pickup pulling a Japanese pickup is humorous enough, it gets even better.

Due to the loose footing of the median, the Ford is forced to drag the Tundra back to the road with its wheels spinning, leading to the Toyota being coated in thick mud.

Ford F-350 Pulls Toyota Tundra in Mud

The Highway Median Strip

Most major highways in the United States have a large median strip separating the opposing lanes and in many cases, this dividing area is a deep, grassy valley. These areas often look like nice, smooth ground that you could easily drive across, but in addition to offering some division between the vehicles heading in opposite directions, these areas are often designed to offer a place for rain water to drain from the roadways. As a result, what looks like firm ground is often marshy footing that will swallow up just about anything, as the owner of this Toyota Tundra learned early this year.

Trucks Vs Mud

When the video begins, we can only see a Ford F-350 playing in the mud, first slinging slop high into the air as the driver tries to move forward, followed by a long period of backing up. At one point, we see why the Ford is backing up, as there is a Toyota Tundra buried in mud to the axles. We don’t know what caused this Toyota to spin off of the highway into the median, as the weather appears to be clear, there is no sign of snow or ice and even if there was slick footing, you would think that a new, four-wheel-drive Tundra would be able to handle a little winter weather.

Ford F-350 in the Median

However, something happened that sent this Tundra spinning into the grass and when it came to rest, the footing was too sloppy for the Toyota to dig itself out. That is where the big Ford comes into play.

The video description explains that this Ford is a 2018 F-350 with 22-inch Fuel Maverick Rims, 40-inch Fury Off-Road Tires, a 6-inch Superlift lift kit and Patriot Tuning, so it rides higher and packs more power than a stock Super Duty. That extra power and the huge tires don’t help a whole lot as the driver backs down the valley to the Toyota, but once there, the folks on hand get the two trucks hooked up and the Ford driver begins to pull the stuck truck out of the muddy grass.


The F-350 Super Duty has a hard time getting traction, but the driver keeps the wheels spinning and bit-by-bit, the two trucks head up the hill towards the paved roadway. As they move along, the Super Duty’s huge tires sling tons of mud onto the front end of the Toyota, coating it in slop, but in the end, the F-350 does get the Tundra up out of the sticky situation.

Ford F-350 Slinging Mud on a Toyota Tundra

Mind you, the Toyota likely sustained some damage from the off-road excursion, but at least the owner didn’t have to pay for a tow truck to save him from the mud.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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