Ford F-250 Super Duty Goes Down the Road without a Driver…Sort Of

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Gutsy Youtuber does dangerous stunts outside of his F-250 as it barrels down the highway at 50 mph.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then boredom must be the father of ridiculous stunts. For proof of that, just take a look at this video, which shows a man using his Ford F-250 as a semi-driverless truck.

In some parts of the country, you can go hundreds of miles down straight roads without seeing anything interesting or exciting. The pavement runs straight through nothingness for what can seem like an eternity. We’ve made the 550-mile trip from Austin to El Paso, Texas several times and know from experience that satellite radio be stimulating for only so long. The open road is freeing, but it can also be very boring. Youtuber Manny Nieto sure found a way to make it a lot more exciting. Man Jumps Out of Ford F-250 Super Duty at 50 MPH

While traveling down the highway in New Mexico in his gray and silver Ford F-250, Nieto pops out of the driver’s seat, puts his feet on one of the tube steps, and uses his right hand to hold onto his steering wheel with – as he puts it – the “Grip of Death!”

Instead of realizing he made an enormous and dangerous mistake, and jumping back into his truck, Nieto puts on even more of a show for the person filming him. He dangles his feet below the tube step and pretends he’s running alongside his Super Duty, which Nieto miraculously keeps pointed straight. Once Nieto folds in the side mirror to give himself a better sight line (safety first!), he stands on the tube step and then checks one of his wipers. After all, rain can be deadly.

Nieto proceeds to pretend he’s propelling his largely unguided missile like a skateboarder. He ends his fate-tempting ride into the sun by jumping back into his F-Series and folding the mirror back out. He rides away without broken bones, skin grafts…or his seat belt on.

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