Ford F-250 Shows How Hot ‘Built Not Bought’ Can Be

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Ford F-250

Ford F-250 custom build and modifications turn it into one man’s ultimate driving machine.

Ford fan Jonathan Maldonado has been showing off his Ford F-250 on his Instagram account for some time. As he should, because it’s a tough -looking truck and it photographs like a supermodel. But Maldonado has also been showing the progression of his F-250 Fx4 Super Duty as he makes changes, both big and small, to create his ultimate ride.

This determined Ford truck owner was committed to doing most of the work himself. He documented the process, often using a “Built not Bought” hashtag. He posts information on what mods are made, and provides a lot of specs. Ultimately, seeing this truck transform this surely inspire anyone wanting to take on their own custom build projects.

Ford F-250

Let’s be clear, Maldonado started out with an already very cool F-250, but he had a vision. The first order of business was getting some height. He swapped out the 28″ wheels for 37″, and added a 6-inch BDS Suspension lift.

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After some time, he changed up the wheels and tires again, and modified the bumper, added additional lighting, custom paint details, and a custom bag kit. look clean #dadropshop #americanforcewheels #26s #switchesgetbitches #bagged

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The end result is a badass, clean looking F-250 that dominates the road.


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This wasn’t Maldonado’s first time at the rodeo, he also owns a custom F-150 that is truly banging. To check out more of this F-250 and how Maldonado created such a slick build, give him a follow on Instagram.

What do you think of this Super Duty build? What changes would you make to your truck?

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