Can a F-250 Super Duty Beat a Ram in a Hauling Challenge?

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F-250 is at towing and hauling capacity as it goes through the Ike Gauntlet. How will the aluminum-bodied Ford do?

The F-Series line of pickup trucks is by far the most popular truck on the market. Judging just by the numbers, it’s clear that truck owners choose Ford for their hauling and towing needs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the F-Series lineup is the best for towing and hauling. That’s where the guys over at The Fast Lane Truck come in, with their Ike Gauntlet.

The purpose of the Ike Gauntlet is to take heavy duty pickups and max out their towing and hauling limits and perform a couple tests. The first test being how the trucks handle being loaded up and going downhill, where managing speed is crucial. The second test is to take these trucks and go uphill, where fuel efficiency and speed are a factor. In the most recent Ike Gauntlet video, the guys take a Ford F-250 Super Duty and pit it against the Ram HD HEMI. So, who wins?

2017 F-250 Super Duty Ike Gauntlet

On the first test, the Ram had 12 brake applications to maintain speed. When the guys took the stock F-250 on the road, they found that the truck needed the exact same number of brake applications to keep at the desired downhill speed. So, in the first test, it was a draw.

However, the uphill test wasn’t so close. During an uphill test, the Ram struggled to maintain 30 mph as it took over 13 minutes to go the eight-mile stretch. The Ford, on the other hand, didn’t struggle nearly as much. The driver, during the test, was amazed at how the Ford got up to 60 mph without any issues, and easily maintained that speed during the test. The F-250 finished the eight-mile test in under nine minutes, which is a huge difference. The fuel efficiency was almost equal, with each truck pulling in under 3 mpg.

Overall, the clear winner between the two trucks is the Ford F-250 Super Duty. With the cost being very reasonable, compared to the competition, and the performance when the truck is at full weight capacity, it’s obvious that the F-250 is the superior truck.

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