Swapped F-250 Goes Like Hell: Muddy Monday

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Lifted Ford F-250 Super Duty skims across the mud bog with a turbocharged General Motors engine. But why?

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a rare and somewhat silly Ford Super Duty. Generally, we stick to Ford trucks powered by, you know, Ford engines, but this F-250 monster truck was simply too wicked to ignore!

The details on the three-quarter ton pickup featured in this video by Mudd Boggin in Florida are brief, but we know that under the hood lays a turbocharged LSX crate engine. The LSX comes directly from Chevy Performance and is likely the most popular model for high-power swaps. Whether swapped into a drag racing or mudding vehicle, the LSX engine responds very well to turbo boost, which means this beefy F-250 packs some serious power.



Beyond the engine, we can see that this pickup sports a set of aggressive mud tires for traction in the slop, and they also make room for the substantial suspension and chassis components. All in all, the owner certainly transformed this F-250 regular cab, long bed pickup into a Frankenstein mud truck.

Appropriately named “Bruiser,” the white truck manages to skim across the mud pit several times, with ease. The turbocharged engine, purpose-built chassis, and brave soul behind the wheel give it an edge over the competition. But then again, is it even a real Ford truck?

How do you feel about this swap, cool or what the heck were they thinking?

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